Does bpong hate money? ($100K tournament)

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    An open letter to bpong:

    OK, this topic has been going through my head the past couple of days and I thought I would vent it out here. Because, well, logic.

    There has been a rumor (yes, that’s all that is is right now) of a $100K tournament going on in Vegas around July of this year. While I would love to see and be a part of a $100K tournament. There has been ZERO action by any reputable parties of this matter. Despite that fact, players have already bought their bids and are making reservations for Vegas.

    I, myself, am very hesitant on even considering putting money and travel days aside for this without proper notification. And I am afraid that I am not alone.

    In my opinion, there was a reason that this year’s World Series saw a dramatic decline in the number of teams: bpong did not give proper notice of the tournament being finalized.

    Most people who play beer pong and go to tournaments do not have the disposable income to fly to Vegas on a whim. They need to plan and be confident that a particular tournament is happening. Bpong failed this year to give proper notice. I did not go to the World Series this year because bpong announced the tournament in November and I was not confident that the tournament was happening before then.

    This $100K tournament will be another example of poor planning and marketing that leads to a disappointing turnout. Rules do not govern the success of the tournament, proper marketing to your audiences does.

    I do not understand the hold up of announcing such tournaments. Everyday that you wait you are losing potential teams signing up because they lack the confidence that said tournaments are happening. Interest in beer pong is declining (do a Google trend search of ‘beer pong’ and beer pong related search words). So bpong needs to do everything they can to get as much reputability in the market.



    cool story bro

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