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    Are distractions allowed and if so what type?



    hey bro…. im not part of this site… but i played last yr there… and i can pretty much tell ya what is allowed. Basically all distractions as normal… yelling dancing ect….. and of course just no hands over cups/ table is all. It was basically same rules as most normal pong games…… just no blowing of course…. and u gotta stay on ur side of table. Nothing was actually really enforced honestly…. but if someone goes over the line of friendly gaming…. that guy will probably get there ass kicked honestly is all haha. hope that answered ur question bro.



    Last year there were a couple people who called me over (I was the main ref) about distractions they thought were unfair, namely visual blocking of the cup being shot at (not allowed), and hat/hand waving creating a significant air current around the cups (also not allowed). But other than that, pretty much everything else is ok– the rules will be posted soon, so you can check em out then. But if you are flagrantly violating the rules you’re going to get docked cups at the very least, because we do have officials whose job it is to enforce the rules.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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