Death cup variation

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    We have a house rule that dictates: if player A makes a cup, and the team members on the opposite side fail to remove the made cup, and player A makes that same cup, the game is over and won by player A’s team.

    I don’t know how many other people here play with that rule, but please chime in.

    We have a problem with that rule tonight; player A made the cup, the other team forgot to pull the cup, and then player A’s team shot again, and missed. Play went back and forth until eventually, player A’s team made a shot, not the same cup but still made one. Player A’s team then called for a re-rack and moved the original made cup to a different position on the table. Player A made(what he claims is the original made cup again, although in a different position on the table) and calls game over. What is the ruling on that? Although I agree you should pull the cup off the table immediately, when one forgets, and/or the other team is not completely honest, is te game really over even after said cup is moved to another location on the table after rerack?



    In that instance the game is paused and team B has to do a death chug..both players from team A need to jerk off in the cup of team B and they are forced to drink it before play can resume. Hope this helps!



    Some helpful folks on here. Anyone else?????????????



    LOL.. You cant really come on here and ask what the ruling is on house rules.. Because its DIFFERENT EVERYWHERE.. We dont know what the house rules that you play by are.. I have played by that rule tho and by that ruling of them forgetting and hitting it again would count as game..

    BUT thats why house rules are no good.. cuz there is ALWAYS a debate or argument over the rules cuz everyone plays a different set of house rules.. Yes player A remembered which cup he/she hit.. But if team B is too fucking stupid to pull the ball out of the cup and not remove it.. What makes you think they will remember that was the cup you hit?? So its understandable that they wouldnt count it as game..

    And of course you cant remind them that you hit the cup cuz then they will just pull the cup and you dont want that to happen cuz now you are trying to hit the same cup to end the game but by the time you hit the same cup 4 turns later they wont remember..

    My suggestion.. Play world series rules.. Dumb situations like this wont ever happen with world series rules..

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