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    Hey guys,

    Ryan and I recently went to World Series Of Beer Pong VI , and I’m telling you… It was an awesome experience! I’m not going to brag, but we are the first deaf team in the world. When they found out about that, they said, “wow you guys have the balls to play against the professionals.” Well, we maybe can’t hear, but we can play professionally just like others. I love the fact that we can’t hear people yelling at us from behind and the other side of the table. We made some teams pissed off that they couldn’t yell to distract us from playing beer pong 🙂 sorry guys!

    It was an awesome experience because we met new friends, we got to play against pongers from different countries, we could yell as many/loud as we wanted, and we celebrated our New Year with them. It was not an life changing experience, but it was definitely an experience! We would love to go again, but lets see how much money we can save up to. My favorite part about WSOBP is… The workers couldn’t read our paper to see if we won or not, so they called out our team name. Most of my friends from Southern California rushed to us, and they told us that they were calling our team name. It was pretty funny because we couldn’t hear the whole time. I love those guys when they are there to help us out. They are definitely friendly and fun to chill with!

    There were over 500 teams at the WSOBP, but only one team can win 50,000 dollars. Top 10 teams get some money as well. I’m not going to tell your our rank because we played pretty bad for our first time. We got to play against four best teams, and we almost beat them by one baby cup! I hate overtime sometimes.

    Is beer pong a sport? Yes. The professional beer pong tournaments have been running for more than six years. People are playing to win that money. I’ve seen people get into a fight, I’ve seen people yelling each other, I’ve seen people hitting the tables, I’ve seen people throwing cups everywhere, and I’ve seen a lot of crazy things… but beer pong is getting bigger and badder. Ladies and Gentlemen… Welcome to the big leagues.

    Also, I was thinking about setting up my beer pong business, and I want more deaf people to play beer pong. I know it won’t be that easy, but I’m willing to give it a shot. Of course, it doesn’t stop me from going to school and work! I might host a beer pong tournament in June, so I would like you guys to spread the word to everyone. I will set up an event on facebook, and I will let you guys know. If it turns out well, I’ll keep going 🙂

    Thanks for reading this and hopefully I’ll see you guys at the WSOBP



    Welcome to the community. Good Luck



    good read, good luck.



    Hope to see you guys next year… Glad you enjoyed it. As kess said, welcome to the community.



    We were one of the teams that played you guys…… was good to play you guys, I’m happy to hear you working on getting something for other teams to come out. and of course as kess and goose said Welcome to the Community



    lol that sounds like a major advantage disqualify them!! lol



    Dankey04 – nice wordage



    Hello Ted,

    It was nice to read your post, I have to share with you that I am also deaf and do play beer pong.

    I recently participated in Atlantic City Beer Pong Championship back in November. A lot of people were surprised of me and my partner as well. We were able to show them what we are capable of doing. At the end, we did not get far as we hoped, but we are striving to come back and get it done. At the same time, some people thinks we were the first deaf players in that tournament in Atlantic City. I do not know that for a fact, but it can be nice feeling.

    I want to participate in the World Series of Beer Pong, but never got the chance to do it, maybe some day.



    ^ You played me for a cash game in AC and didn’t pay, you ran out on me…

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