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    When a cup is hit but not made and the cup slides out of position, can it be placed back in the proper formation (so all cups are touching) or is it stuck floating by itself until you make it?


    William Gaines

    We still need to address this. If we are playing where you can reform, then this is easy. Problems could arise over whether or not the cup is put back in the exact same spot. Most likely, we will allow the cup to be placed back as close as possible to its original location, but if anybody else has some thoughts, let’s hear them.



    In VBPA we play where if a team asks you to tighten up a rack so that all cups are touching, you gotta do it. But I’m sure there are people that play with floating cups. Not a big deal either way.



    Anyone that has ever played on a bing bong table knows that the cups will slide.
    A lot.

    I think you have to allow people to tighten up the racks on request.

    Otherwise I could dump a bunch of water on my side of the table purposelty before the game,, and then as soon as they shoot at the formation all of the cups will disperse and suddenly my opponents have a harder game.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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