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    >Seriously everyone is so SOFT nowadays, always crying about rules and about everything…Its >BEER PONG and were playing for 50K….DO whatever the fuck you want over the cups on top of the >cups under the cups, who gives a shit if its bothering you that much then don’t play…I’m there to >win and will do what it takes to win and it obviously works since everyone gets so worked up over >the gayest shit…CRY ABOUT IT

    In a nutshell, this is the heart of everything wrong with beer pong. Who cares about the rules? Who cares about sportsmanship? Here’s the answer: Everyone outside of a select few of you who are intent on ruining the game. You want to know why turnout is down? Because most people like to HAVE FUN when they play. This involves respecting your opponent, and respecting the game. If you think players are going to get away with cheating this year, you’re dead wrong.

    I guess obviously your goal is to cater to the recreational player, the player who isn’t there to win the 50K but there more for the "experience" and the "fun"..Yea I get it …Cool that’s great and all and puts more $ in your pocket at the end of the day..But sorry I’m there for a competition to win $50 Grand, and so are all of your loyal followers, Trust me i’m all about having fun and respecting players and respecting the given rules in place I’m all for that, and am in no WAY whatsoever condoning cheating of any kind …But when you TARGET a select few to specifically enforce the rules upon don’t you find that a little bias? Well of course not because you’ll come back and say you guys were the only one breaking the rules……..So I also guess it was our fault attendance was down now too? not because your prices are too high, there no flight deals, lots of ppl on unemployment, restriction after restriction at every its because b/c ppl aren’t respecting the rules? I HIGHLY doubt that’s the reason attendance was down…Let’s see how much attendance booms this year now with Refs at every table…& Believe me I want attendance to boom, so when I raise that check next year hopefully it’s more than 50k! LFG

    Vince 4 President!!!



    wow yet again another loop hole the east is trying to exploit that will probably never be a problem on the west coast… if your team has shot its last shot of that turn you are done for that turn which means its the next teams turn so you need to keep your shit talking ass behind the damn table… how hard are these rules to follow, really?

    This statement here is a bunch of bullshit. If there were unbiased refs at every table there would be an equal amount of infractions distributed.

    I don’t believe for one second that the "east coast" looks for loop holes or violate the rules more frequently then the west coast. The one fact I do know is most of the east coast players aren’t a bunch of pussys and cry about it.

    I also know one rule that caused some controversy was the walking to the mid point and talking shit between shots. * note I did not say while they were shooting. I am clearly saying between shots. I have always played that this was not a foul or penalty. MD beer pong the longest running organization has used them same rules. During the WS vi finals Dan Range does it after every shot. This year was the first year the rule was enforced. Which I’m fine with and don’t see being an issue moving forward.



    Obviously, there was a lot of controversy at this year’s WS. Crossing the plane during / in between shots is one issue. Taking way too long to shoot is another issue. Both of these surely need to be addressed.

    Personally, what really pissed me off were those stupid black mats in the featured playing area. I had opponents running around behind the table, which is completely legal. but it would cause the mats to shift and move the table in the process. Those mats were a huge oversight on the behalf of the organizers. I remember 2 distinct shots where the table moved significantly after I had already released the ball and the shot resulted in a miss. Who knows if I would have made the shot if the table hadn’t moved and who knows what the effect would have been on the game. But I feel like I should at least have a fair shot at static cups.



    ok so no crossing the plane at all…got it



    I don’t so much think people are "soft", (well I do but to a particular sense) but when your playing some of the best players in the world, those people are doing all they can to win the game, which just so happens to involve bitching about the rules. Which in their defense, it is totally within their right to complain about something that is clearly stated in the rules.

    If me and you are playing…and you want to come headbutt me in the middle of a game, that’s perfectly fine, Ill punch you in the mouth and we can keep playing. HOWEVER, if your doing something and someone bitches about it, or calls you out…you have to stop…period. A little respect goes a long way, especially when you have a bulls-eye on your back.

    You and Kessler had a HUGE upper hand just by who you two are. By people bitching, they are just trying to level the playing field. Those people are trying to take your defense, your intimidation, your upper hand out of the game. Just like you guys are trying to push those same factors, AKA they are also competing the best they can to win that 50k just like you guys are. It just so happens most the people you play against are not as good as you. Therefore, they have to play different cards on the table then you two have too.

    And this doesn’t go for just you two, its anyone who plays with a similar style. It just so happens that style is more prominent on the East Coast. Noone is trying to take the competitiveness out of the game, they are just setting boundaries. Just don’t cross the line…figuratively and literally…


    William Gaines

    Personally, what really pissed me off were those stupid black mats in the featured playing area. I had opponents running around behind the table, which is completely legal. but it would cause the mats to shift and move the table in the process. Those mats were a huge oversight on the behalf of the organizers.

    These mats were not our idea. The production crew proposed them, and it turned out we did not really understand what they were proposing. There was definitely some oversight on our end as well with respect to these mats, but it was not our original idea. I assure you this will never be a problem again with any of our events.



    beer pong is fun

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