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    I’m playing pong with all my firends the other night.. and we all know that after an hour of playing arguements can happen over rules… so here is the scenario…..

    three cups reamin in perfect 1-2 triangle… table is wet due to continuous play… first person shot. .and partner shot immediatley after hoping for a desperation death cup… when first ball reached cup it hit the first cup. and the cup began to actually slide toward them.. it moved about a foot … 2nd ball was already released and hit exactly where the cup should have been…. so does the shot count as a miss or does he have the right to the proper formation…. so .. reshot or miss? please help



    haha…. i have this happen all the time…. and ill at least tell you my rule. we call in the "ur shit outta luck rule" basically that means…. you went for the kill and you didnt wait to see if the cup was stable…. so oh welll…. shit outta luck…… no re-shoot. Its just one of those "your a dumbass rules"…. aka someone drops ball in own cup….. it counts…. u knock over your own cup during play…. counts….. aka "your a dumbass rules" lol hoped i helped haha be good guys




    That’s a miss where I’m from.



    yeah if it doesn’t go in the cup thats a miss.

    exceptions being direct interference from the other team

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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