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    I’m interested in anything people come up with concerning beer pong. I just moved to the area from SoCal, where the tables are very few and far between.

    I believe George Herman’s downtown is open to beer pong now and again. They had a big tailgate party for the Panthers pre-season game and were supposed to have tables set up outside.

    They guys that own the bar didn’t seem too opposed to having it played at their place every now and then.

    Just thought I’d put that out there.


    We are doing a beer pong tournament at Dixie’s Tavern 301 E 7th St Charlotte NC 28202 this Friday night January 6 starting at 9:00!



    add Charlotte Pong on FB they just started having pong last week



    also i must add i do host tourneys in raleigh i know thats far drive for some but i do host qualifiers for AC and Vegas just add me on FB Raleigh Pong or Add Charlotte Pong where my buddy just starting up tourneys


    Hey everyone my name is Josh Harris. I just started up Charlotte Pong( Add me on facebook if you have it.) But i currently run tournaments every Friday night at Tilt on trade in Charlotte.

    This Friday we will be doing free team entry and winning team gets $50 bar tab. Then starting next week we will be doing money tournaments.

    Also just booked a bar called Rockhouse which is in Gastonia. This place is huge, 8 pool tables full bar and a 300in projection screen TV. We will start running tournaments next Wed. $10 team entry and winning team gets CASH depending on how many teams play.

    Both are 21 up, but hit me up on facebook for more info and come join us for some PONG!!!



    This should happen, let me know when everything is formed. I also live in Charlotte!


    It is happening. Tournament tonight at Tilt on trade street in charlotte.

    If your on Facebook add me (Charlotte Pong) and ill get you all the details!

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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