Both players shoot 3rd ball

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    I never liked the fact that a perfect game can amount to one player hitting 7 cups and the other playing hitting 3. A balanced team game shouldn’t involve one person making 70% of the cups.

    a.k.a. the Steph Bertrand Substitution Rule

    I like this idea.

    Hey guys can some one fill me on the Steph Bertrand joke? Knowing your whit I imagine it’s good…

    Steph has made it a habit of being a "hired gun" for leagues in Maryland. As a substitute, he always ends up carrying whoever he is playing with and shoots almost all the 3rd shots. Just like to tease him about it.



    Nick – the problem I see with making teams alternate 3rd shots is this: people get drunk for bp & lose track of stuff like that. People will get in fights over who’s turn it is simply because they don’t actually remember. It’s a good idea in theory but I could see it starting a lot of shit.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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