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    I won at blondies last night, and they told me they would mail me a check to the address I have registered with bpong –to don’t know what address you all have, but I moved twice recently, so id love it if someone could contact me and make sure you all have the correct info and the blondies folks mail the check to the right place. Thanks! [email protected]


    u got pong scammed



    It was part of the bpong tourney so it’s not a scam. but from what i hear it takes a little while to get your check


    I am sure it is not a scam at all but i have been scammed so many times before it would just make me feel more comfortable about it if you could contact me with the details regarding the payout and everything.

    Either on facebook or at [email protected]. Thanks.



    Hey — thought I would resurrect this. I’m still waiting on a check from the Blondies tournament. I hear it takes awhile for payouts, which is fine, but I’d at least like some kind of notice that you have me on your radar and I should be expecting a check at some point.

    Let me know.

    [email protected]



    The latest news is that checks will be out by May 15th.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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