Bing Bong Vs. BJ’s table

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    I got my table from…but it seems like they have sold out. I ordered it the same day Bing Bong has sold out of the tables on their site, so I thought I would be waiting til October, so I was suprised when I received it yesterday.




    Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court 😀
    Hi there everyone::::thought i’d share a couple things since i saw the chatter

    The real advantage of the 8ft Bing Bong Table is the Portability. A Table that only folds in half is still 4 feet…much harder to get out of dorms, elevators, car trunks, you feel me. Also I believe the other table you mentioned is much heavier, like near fifty pounds…that might not seem like much, but most people aren’t going far with that. Having said that, extra sturdiness comes with extra weight…so you could put sandbags on the bb tables’ rungs to keep bumping from affecting the game…but you shouldn’t be bumping! For shame…respect the table and give it some room to breathe. Courtesy also dictates all cellphones should be turned off or set to vibrate while playing.

    We’ll be coming up with more high-end/permanent barroom/gameroom tables…maybe by end of next year

    As far as the ballholders, stugots… yes they are not attached all that well…the next batch is fixed…just needs some stronger glue…we use plumber’s glue and they last forever. Each time we’ll keep making them better and better…thank you so much…::Tom

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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