Beer Cap Beer Pong Table

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    Hello everyone!

    So myself and a few friends had a great idea and wanted to create our own beer cap beer pong table. At the moment I am collecting beer caps and waiting until my next paycheck to buy a regulation size beer pong table. Our plans are simple.

    We are going to buy a portable beer pong table and arrange the 3,456 caps onto the table however we see fit. Then we will tack down all of the caps with super glue, just enough to hold them in place. We’re not too sure how we want to create a lip on the table to hold the epoxy in though.

    Also, another question, in your opinion what is the cheapest way to create these beer cap tables? ere is the running total thus far:

    Portable Beer Pong Table – $79.99
    Kleer Koat Resin – $39.50 per gallon (approximately 3 gallons needed)
    Total – Approximately $200.00

    I feel that there must be a cheaper way to create these tables, the only reason that I am asking is because a few people offered to buy a table from us if we did a decent job with ours.

    Thanks for your time!

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