Bay Area Sattelite could happen soon

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    15 miles south of San Fransisco in a small town called Pacifica..We have two bars that could participate, 32 team limit, reply if u are interested…more details to come..



    I would be down and I know a bunch of my friends would be down as well. do you have any dates in mind?



    Is that you Nick? Well anyways, now that you are planning a real satellite tournament I am back in Oregon. Guess I am paying the full amount to join the tournament.



    I’m in, I could definately get a group of guys to make the trip to Pacifica from Saint Mary’s. Organize it and I’m there ready to mop up



    Any chance of this going down? Update?



    Man, you guys have got to get on the mailing list. We’ve got a Pacifica satellite going down November 4th, you’ll have to call to see if there’s any spots left– I sent out an email to the WSOBP mailing list a few weeks ago, and it’s been on the WSOBP satellite tournaments page since then. Here are the details copied and pasted from link

    Winter’s Tavern
    1522 Francisco Blvd.
    Pacifica, CA 94044 map
    (650) 355-6162
    When: Round 1: Saturday, November 4, 2006, 12:00PM
    Format: Teams: 64
    Elimination style: Double
    Entry Fee: $35 Per person
    Rules: All rules follow WSOBP II rules except the following:

    * Playing 6 cups, reform at 4-3-2-1
    * Rollbacks are in effect, if both partners make it on the same shot, they get em back
    * Bounce shot is worth 2 cups
    * Defending is legal…(swatting, blowing, fingering) only after the ball makes contact with either table or cup.
    * Dip-shit rule is in effect, + if you knock a beer over, it counts as a made shot and is removed from play as always
    * We play rebuttals in every game, with a chance at a 3 cup overtime, during the rebuttal each partner shoots until they miss, so there is a chance at a 3+ cup rebuttal.

    WSOBP Standard Tables
    Airfare: Included

    * Sign ups are from 11:00am-12:30pm
    * Tournament Starts at 1:00pm
    * $35 a person buy in, $70 per team.
    * Buy-in will include Beer for your Tournament Games
    * Winning Team wins Package for 2 at the Oasis for WSOBP II AND round-trip airfare for two to Las Vegas
    * First come, first serve basis, First 64 teams in line signed up are in, no exceptions.
    * Be there early if you want to ensure getting in.
    * We will be playing on 8 tables, all bing bong 8 ft tables, official wsobp tables
    * Any Questions, Call Pete (650)296-9241

    Contact: Pete Strasser at 650-296-9241″>link

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