Automatic Ball Washer

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    I developed a table with a lot of engineering that is quiet and easily assembled. Although I have not obtained a patent yet i hope to soon. I am selling my blue prints or a packaged deal on the ball washer. It will come with everything you need if you would like to build it yourself, or assemble what i have pre-made. i am willing to show my system working if you would like to see it. I have been playing on my table for 2 years now and never had to replace anything but the beer we put in our cups. I am a engineering major at Texas A&M so when i say engineering i mean complete specs that most wouldnt know what the hell i was talking about. any questions facebook me cause i rarely get on here since i am kinda busy. [email protected] is the email or look up Josh Contrears College Station Tx.

    Thanks everyone

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