6-Cup or 10-Cup?

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    Looking all the other posts and gathering what I believe are the best rules from them, here is what I propose to be the rules at the WSOBP II.

    -10 cups
    -2 reracks taken throughout the game whenever you would like
    -rerack shapes must be a derivative of the original triangle of 10 (ie. no 3 in
    a row or other weird shapes)
    -No rollbacks
    -Both balls in the last cup, game over
    -all overtimes are 3 cups
    -Rebuttles allowed
    -Rollbacks during rebuttles (so if you are down by 3 or 4 you can still
    force overtime)
    -Shoot induvidually until you miss (ex. if we have three cups left and my
    partner misses his rebuttle attempt, I get to keep shooting until I miss)
    -This part could be changed to both players must make shots to keep
    -Bouncing allowed but only counts as one cup
    -Let it ride

    Like I said before, I have been reading alot of the posts and these rules are what I believe to cater the most toward skill and also will prevent disagreements during the games. If anybody thinks something should be different please post your arguement.


    William Gaines

    At a quick read, I think that is pretty close to the tentative rules we are about to release. I think, however, we’ll make it where both team members must hit in order to get rollbacks at the end of the game. To make it on an person-by-person basis, it is possible that one guy could always carry a shitty team (shitty because the other player may suck). By making it where both players must hit to get another shot (and possibly to put it in overtime), it makes it more of a team effort.



    Ageed with Billy. Those rules are WOSBP II except that one person can’t hold a counter. If one player on the team misses its over (assuming its not 1v1).






    In California, most of schools I have visited use similar rules.
    1. 10 cup
    2. elbow behind end of table
    3. Shooting team can call for TWO re-racks whenever they want.
    example….can call for diamond (4 cups), Diamond+1 (5 cups with extra cup farthest from shooters), Plus sign (5 cups) , cross (6 cups), penis ( Max 4), penis with ball(s) (5 or 6), etc. This allows teams to use the re-rack and shape as a strategy for their shooting.
    4. Both balls land in same cup – game over (should have pulled 1st cup faster) – this rule is ignored alot cause everyone is drunk and just wants to play, unless we are playing a tourney.
    5. Make both balls, get them back to shot again
    6. Down to last cup and it gets hit, you get to stay alive shots. You make it you’re still in. You both make it, you get a cup back
    7. Knock over a cup, lose it and another as a penalty
    8. block a ball while in flight, lose a cup.
    9. Never lose to girls.



    Hey DuGo…… u def are correct with how we usually play when at schools or party’s ect….. over the years…. id have to agree like 100% except for parts….. but I dont think that any of those rules should be at the Tourney is all. Most of those rules were added for either more fun, excitement, and mostly of all….. giving some shitty team at a friends party a slight chance to actually luck out and beat someone good haha. But i def see where ur comin from though.



    id have to agree like 100% except for parts…..

    sounds like someone was playing pong while writing this



    Haha….. ill actually have to agree with ya there Supa. I just re-read my prior posting… and yep…. I was a moron… I guess since Im sober now lol….. i meant that I agreed 100% with all the rules…. except those rules are meant for party games instead of an actual serious game.


    el cobbron

    Hey folks—-whether it is 6 or 10 cups it is not about a time limit it is now about tradition. last years event was top notch and this year will be even better but the precedent was set for six cup beer pong- or as i refer to it—beer pong in its purest form. I would support 6 cup in prelims and 10- cup in the tournie but regardless it is time to make the call and stand by it otherwise what is to stop us from next year going to richmond rules or 169 cup 5 on 5. lets take a stand and yell from the mountain tops "Fix @ Six"



    It deffinitly has to be ten cup it wont take that long becuase people are good and your going to be drinkin a little bit more each game so it has to be better haha ten cup is my vote



    ten cup definitely

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