6-Cup or 10-Cup?

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    There has to be 10 cups, it just isn’t beer pong without 10. Instead of doing 6 cups with no rollbacks, lets do 10 with rollbacks this year, it will make it alot more fun and will make it more a game of skill instead of luck.



    I have to honestly agree with Billy that 10 cup does not at all mean skill. No need to repeat what billy wrote before…. but when u hit the first 4…. guess what? its six cup again… Roll backs are fun yes… but playing to be the best isnt for fun…. its a tournament only… not for just fun….. so i have to vote for no rollbacks….. because rollbacks are for luck/ streaks. I do still sort of want 10 cup just to make the games a bit longer is all. When both teams are good…. we all know a 6 cup game usually doesnt last more than 5 minutes at most.


    William Gaines

    I have to honestly agree with Billy that 10 cup does not at all mean skill.

    I don’t think that’s what I said – or I’m confused. I was saying that when you have ten cups, it is indeed easier to hit the first four, but they are NOT a given –> it’s still more cups you have to hit to win the game, even if the first few cups are easier than the last few.


    dr. ironrute

    The idea that a 6 cup game is somehow a better determination of skill than a 10 cup game makes no sense. Sure, it makes sense that it’s harder to hit 6 cups than 10 cups, but in order to win a 10 cup game, you gotta hit 6…and then 3…and then, of course, the last cup. In the end, that’s where teams live and die. Of course, it’s harder to hit the last cup than it is to hit any cup on the table….but we aren’t playing one cup games to "prove our skill".

    I’m for 10 cups, no rollbacks.



    10 cup is the way to go…..fair chances and close games?


    William Gaines

    The idea that a 6 cup game is somehow a better determination of skill than a 10 cup game makes no sense. Sure, it makes sense that it’s harder to hit 6 cups than 10 cups, but in order to win a 10 cup game, you gotta hit 6…and then 3…and then, of course, the last cup. In the end, that’s where teams live and die. Of course, it’s harder to hit the last cup than it is to hit any cup on the table….but we aren’t playing one cup games to "prove our skill".

    I’m for 10 cups, no rollbacks.

    No way! Seriously, that’s exactly what I’m saying. That’s why I didn’t understand the previous post saying a 6-cup game was harder.


    dr. ironrute

    I know why you didn’t understand it Billy…it didn’t make sense. You need people with WSOBP experience backing you up here.



    I think 10 cups lends itself to some luck shots in the beginning, say the first 4 cups, but then you have to hit 6 anyway. Basically I think it comes down to balancing having a good time with logistics( how much time for each game, beer, cups etc…)

    It might be a good idea to make it 10 cup in the qualifying with rollbacks (or a time limit) this way the length of the games may not be an issue. It will also give those who are flying cross country their money’s worth of bp. In the semis and finals make it 6 with no rollbacks. Just some ideas.



    In the debate between these two, I think what’s being overlooked goes back to what Billy said a while back (on this thread, I think). Beer pong has many different variations of rules – exactly the same as many other sports. What can you do with a basket and a ball? You could play H.O.R.S.E., you could see who could hit the most three-pointers in any given amount of time, you could see who could hit more free throws in a set amount of attempts, you could play two-on-two, three-on-three, five-on-five, or however many people you want. In all cases, the game that you are playing is referred to as basketball.

    Beer pong is beer pong. I’ve played kill-shot derbys, Royal Rumbles, spot-shot, suicide matches, league rules, tournament rules, blindfolded, strip, whiskey-pong, etc. In all cases, I was playing beer pong. The objective of beer-pong across all different time-zones, colleges, and bar leagues is simple: make all of your opponents’ cups before they make all of yours.

    This is not to say that a losing team is INCAPABLE of hitting all of their opponents’ cups. They simply didn’t hit them quicker than their opponents. Six-cup, 10-cup, 12-cup, a million-cup, the object is the same.

    Look at a nearby neighbor of the WSOBP – the WSOP. They play many variations of poker – all-named poker, all with different rules. Poker players get hot, and poker players cool down – exactly as a pong player would. The team that wins MLB’s World Series every year is crowned the best team in the world, despite having lost around 60-70 games, (even some to the Pirates or Royals). So what are we trying to achieve? With such parody in this sport, as in all others, we don’t need the best team to be crowned, but rather, the team that had a multitude of things go right for them at the right time, over an extended period of time. In this day and age, that’s how major sports work.

    In light of that, logistics must be considered. Personally, I’m sick of a few posters acting like they’re not going to miss a shot the entire damn tournament. It will happen. No team in last year’s WSOBP went undefeated; no team last year made every single shot. A ten-cup game is no different from a six cup game in the fact that every team must figure out a way to win. Some posters seem to think that a ten-cup game is better for their team because they have more chances to shoot at cups.

    Personally, my league plays two pyramids of six, best-of-three series – playoffs progressively add more games per series – but that’s not what they play in Mesquite, and there is nearly nothing I can do about it. But what I can do is practice the WSOBP’s rules as little or as much as I see fit to prepare myself to be as successful as I can come the first week of January.

    In the end, I’ll still be a solid beer pong player – whether I place first, or 200th. There’s that much parody in the sport. If six-cup makes the most sense RIGHT NOW for this nationally blossoming sport in terms of logistics (e.g. time constraints, beer levels, etc.), then let’s play six-cup for now. It’s not that big of a deal. The day WILL come, when their WILL be enough money in this sport to have several different variations for several different events in the WSOBP. That day is not today; so until then, we must be patient, and we must play as well as we can for the rules that exist. I don’t think now is the time to change rules. Last year’s rules worked surprisingly smoothly (I’m sure even B & D were surprised at how smoothly the rules worked out), so let’s take these wonderfully objective rules to the table.


    will i am

    some of you guys can wirte a book on this shit, get a life. there is no need to dissect this question of 6 or 10 cups. what are we all goin to the world series for? beer pong right? do you get more beer pong from 6 cups, or 10 cups? that is what this forum should be about.



    If this tournament is to become the standard for the game of beer pong, I think the rules need to be changed to showcase talent. Any two players can win 6 cup at anytime. The game should be 10 cup, and if it goes past 20 minutes, end it. Although there should be roll backs, and rebutles, etc. I’ve been playing for 12 years, since I was a freshman in high school. The rules we’ve come to know as a standard and do not give any team an advantage except those with talent are as follows.

    *10 cups, rerack at 3.
    *No blowing, no picking
    *2 in a row, bring ’em back
    *2 in one cup ends the game (to keep players focused on the game- if a team uses this as a tactic, the shot(s) can be swated away, but the shooters get their balls back) (No rebutles)
    *If a cup gets knocked over by a player, or ball, it’s gone. This applies to all cups except the last one. The last cup comes back.
    *Bouncing is allowed, however as soon as the ball hits the table it can be swated. (to keep players focused)
    *Rebutles- Shoot till you miss. Say you just ended the game with 6 cups left, and the other team knocks down all six on rebutles, that’s skill and I’m more than happy to go to overtime. (No rebutles if you made two in one cup)
    *Overtime is 6 cups, no reracks after the initial setup.


    dr. ironrute

    I gotta say, I’m impressed by Balkman’s post. When I met the guy in January, I had no idea he could actually form a lucid, logical thought. Then again, none of us were showing off our mental abilities back then. All of us from upstate NY last year are lookin’ forward to another shot at all of the boys from Milwaukee. See you in a few months.

    I personally think that a 10 cup game is better than a 6 cup game, but in the end, There’s more to take into consideration than simply how people like to play and how perfect each type of game is in determining who the "best" team is. We only have so much time to work with, we only have so much beer to work with, we only have so many tables we can run at once, etc. B&D and co. did a tremendous job last year keeping everything running in a tournament with around 100 teams. I’m sure if they can figure it out and manage a way to run this with 10 cup games and rebuttals and rollbacks and everything, they will, but it may just be too much. If it is, deal with it. If it’s a 6 cup, no rollback, no rebuttal game like the first 2 days were last year, then it is what it is.

    On a side note, anyone who wasn’t there last year, no offense, but you have no idea about how long this could possibly take. And there’s a whole lot more to winning this than being able to run off a bunch of cups in a row with your buddies in a cozy house where you know everybody. Everyone, at some point, gets a little rattled. You will have good games, bad games, games where you beat teams that are better than you, games where you lose to teams that simply aren’t all that good. My Partner and I came in 4th last year, and we hit every bump in the road, we ran into hot teams at bad times, we got hot at some good points, and in the end, we did as well as we could have expected short of taking it all home. And almost every game came down to what every Beer Pong game always comes down to…that last cup. Hit it, you win.

    Bottom line, if you’re really all that particular about cups, ball types, table measurements, reracks, rollbacks, beer levels, or any other type of variable that you could encounter, you’re thinking too much. Adapt to whatever the rules are, get to Vegas, and good luck. See you all there.



    Well put, Balkman.

    I just wanted to add one thing here. As far as the amount of beer goes, using the same amount they used last year and spreading it over 10 cups as opposed to 6 would be fine. So the logistics of needing more beer shuoldn’t be worried about. If anyone’s planning on getting hammered strictly off the beer you drink in the games at the wsobp2, forget about it. Games are at least an hour in between if not more. And that was with about 100 teams. The number of teams will probably quadruple this year.

    if you’re looking to get hammered while playing, just do what I did….drink straight vodka with a splash of whatever the fuck kind of soda is still available in the vending machine when you wake up. Good stuff.



    I voted for 10 cup for the exact reason of running into a weaker team that is on a hot streak. It happened to us last year in Mesquite. We were playing great pong and got bounced by a team that hit 6 out of their first 8 cups. Granted, that is good shooting, but its like we didn’t even have a chance to come back. 10 cup will separate the men from the boys.



    It’s the single most important rule, more important than bringbacks or rebuttals. And none of this nonsense about 6 cup for the first few days… that makes no sense. The point of 10 is to aid the better team, first game or championship game, they all have to be 10. Now I can adjust if I have to, Freak and I have won 3 of our first 5 6 cup tourneys having never played 6 cup before, but there’s no way we can keep that up, 6 cup is much more of a crapshoot – great for moving people on and off a table or making money at a bar — not for determining the worlds best.



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