$10,000 Tournament!!!

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    Ocean Grown Pong and Pongstars.net have joined forces to present you with the first mid-major tournament of 2012!!! Prepare yourself for one of the BEST weekends you’ll ever have shooting pong and to top it off, it’s in CALI!!! If you are interested in a chance to earn a free entry, contact us about qualifiers in your surrounding area.

    Current bid winners: () contain bids not used
    Mike Wan (1)
    Corey Sandoval (1)
    Kenny Jennings (3)
    Mike Watt
    Ryan De Hoop
    Nate Cunningham
    Matt Stinson
    Mark Pimentel (1)
    Daniel Boe
    Ross Hampton (1)
    Nick Syrigos
    Chris Van Nest
    Dan Range
    Buddy Young
    Mike Donnelly
    Solomon Hall
    Arnold Colella
    Daniel Masip
    Paul Bashaw
    Matt O Neil (1)
    David Glaser (2)
    Edan Hemphill
    Matt White
    Santiago Amparan
    Michael Seivert
    Brandon Marx
    Joseph Lyle
    Chris Kingsbury
    Hoss Kural

    Team currently signed up:
    1. Brandon Marx & Michael Pop
    2. Daniel Masip & Luis Araujo (Welcome to the show) PAID
    3. Michael Seivert & Byron Findley (DSSWC) 1/2 PAID
    4. Paul Bashaw & Kenny Jennings (Remember the name) PAID
    5. Seth Beglis & Jordon Lejeune (Undeniable Force)
    6. Santiago Amparan & Jeremy Peckens (You mad, bro?) 1/2 PAID
    7. Shane Grove & Hoss Kural (Drinkin’ EggNog & Fartin’)
    8. Terry Cline & Patrick Crosby (I will hit a cup in public)
    9. Beth Goodrich & Joseph Lyle (Straight outta pongton) 1/2 PAID
    10. Sean O Neill & Chris Van Nest (STLV) 1/2 PAID
    11. Bo Lewis & Jerrod Birmingham
    12. Solomon Hall & Vance Anzaluda (Pursuit of perfection) 1/2 PAID
    13. Jen Conant & Katie Harris (Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker)
    14. Reggie M & Ryan Sloan (Dip, bounce, boom)
    15. Ryan De Hoop & Zak Corsi PAID
    16. Eric Castro & Jeremy Hughes (All day)
    17. Branden Moyle & Casey Costa (Pretty Sneaky)
    18. Trevor Banks & Blain Sonnier
    19. David Noel & Ricky Posada (Team Posada)
    20. Arnold Collela & Zack Luckey 1/2 PAID
    21. Josh Bird & Mike Donnelly (A new era) 1/2 PAID
    22. Ross Hampton & Nick Syrigos (Flawless victory) PAID
    23. Mark Pimental & Peter Rusch (Only play for Cali teams like Vlade) 1/2 PAID
    24. Nathan Cunningham & David Glaser (We eat party players) (1/2 PAID)
    25. Jared Knierman & Chris Kingsbury (You just jelly) PAID
    26. Chris Boyce & Dan Smith (All night) PAID
    27. Mike Wan & Corey Sandoval PAID
    28. Sean Coen & Mike Watt 1/2 PAID
    29. Shane Roten & Johnny Saiz
    30. Brandon Herbert & Scott Muller (Is this considered a cash game?)
    31. Matt Stinson & Manuel Marquez (Performing at high drunk speeds) 1/2 PAID
    32. Omar Cortez & Ariel Albright (Blink, sink and drink)
    33. Asian Kim & White Kim (Kim2) 1/2 PAID
    34. Nick Puch & Jeremy Smith (Double Tap)
    35. Curtis Armistead & Joe Greene (Whichblack guy took the last doughnut?!)
    36. Tommy Fitch & Eli Tanimoto
    37. Donna Skuhrovec & Mikey Wise (Balls Deep)
    38. Jose Gonzalez & Charles Vess (The Prodigies)
    39. Taylor Brooks & Hugo Corral (Dropping 3’s like stanback)
    40. Kenny Terry & Martin Diaz (Pup ‘n Suds)
    41. Erika Newcomb & Rachel Lopez
    42. Isaac Aguirre & Joe Bernal (Once upon a time in Sperryland)
    43. Edan Hemphill & Corey Bareford (Cheech & Pong) 1/2 PAID
    44. Hoot Kohenskey & Kevin Kwiatkowski (Sunset Park)
    45. Jake Meoli & Corey Menneke(Hit a Fucking Cup)
    46. Juan Garcia & Dave Navarro
    47. Cheree Madding & The Band
    48. Mike Inveninato & Bobby Williams (Cowboy fans unite) 1/2 PAID
    49. Luis Ochoa Jr and Stacy Lafargue (Gold Blooded)

    7:30pm- Kickoff tournament begins. Top 32 advance to next morning

    11:00am- Kickoff tournament resumes
    1:00pm- 10k tournament sign-ups open.
    3:00pm- 10k prelims begin
    8:00pm- All girls satellite/singles tournament sign-ups open
    9:00pm- All girls satellite/singles tournament begin

    12:00pm- 10k tournament check-in
    1:00pm- 10k final brackets start


    Sign-ups begin- 1:00pm
    Games begin- 3:00pm

    Entry only (Includes beer during prelims)- $200/team, $175/team out of town, $150/team flying in

    Hilton Suites (Same parking lot as bar)
    400 N State College Blvd
    Orange, CA 92868

    Rooms come with 1 king and 1 pullout sofa 😉
    When reserving a room ask for the OCEAN GROWN PONG rate
    Rooms cost $109/night
    Reservation number: 877-776-4661

    Top prelim record- $150
    Top prelim cud diff- $150
    Top all girls/coed prelim record- $150
    Finalists of each bracket (4 brackets of 16 teams) 1st- $500 2nd-$250
    Final prize pool- 1st- $4,000 2nd- $2,000 3rd $1,000

    DAY 1
    Each team plays 6-10 games of pool play (Depending on amount of teams)
    Records based off of wins, losses and cup diff
    DAY 2
    Top 64 will be placed into (4) 16 team brackets according to seed
    1st-4th of each bracket will then move into (2) 8 team brackets for the remaining prize pool (Seeding will be based off of pool play and bracket record)
    All BPONG rules and equipment will be used


    8:00pm- sign-ups open
    9:00pm- games begin
    $25/guys $20/girls

    1st- 60% 2nd 30% 3rd 10%

    Tournament will be double elimination
    All BPONG rules and equipment will be used

    Contacts: Ryan De Hoop 951-258-2719 [email protected] Brandon Marx 623-217-5680 [email protected]

    Sponsors currently involved: Evan’s Premium Lager, BPONG, NEAD LLC, Rack’s Billiard & Bourbon, T Bands USA

    Here’s a list of some venues, activities and theme parks all within a 20 minute radius!!

    House of Blues
    1530 S. Disneyland Dr
    Anaheim, CA, 92802

    ESPN Zone
    1545 Disneyland Dr
    Anaheim, CA, 92802

    1313 South Disneyland Drive Anaheim, CA 92802
    (714) 520-5060

    Angel’s Stadium
    2000 East Gene Autry Way Anaheim, CA 92806-6143
    (714) 634-2000

    Newport Beach Pier
    1 Newport Pier Newport Beach, CA 92663-4340
    (949) 675-9771

    Knott’s Berry Farm
    8039 Beach Boulevard Buena Park, California 90620
    (714) 220-5200

    The Block of Orange (Outdoor Mall)
    20 City Blvd W, Orange, CA 92868

    Honda Center (Venue/Duck’s Pond)
    2695 East Katella Avenue Anaheim, CA 92806
    (714) 704-2400


    Look up Ocean Grown Pong on Facebook for more details…remember to LIKE the page!!!!

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